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Culturally Informed Programs for Professionals
in Behavioral Health


The Native Center for Behavioral Health is a research and training center in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health. We are committed to developing programs to support the behavioral health workforce in Native American and Alaska Native communities across the country. Our current projects include the National American Indian/Alaska Native Childhood Trauma Treatment and Service Adaptation (TSA) center; a Mental Health Awareness Training program focusing on American Indian/Alaska Native individuals in the Greater Sioux City, Iowa, area; and Indigenous Motivational Interviewing training for child welfare professionals working with all tribal communities in the state of Oregon.

Previously, the Native Center for Behavioral Health was home to three technology transfer programs funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the areas of addiction (ATTC), mental health (MHTTC), and prevention (PTTC), as well as school mental health for Native youth (MHTTC K-12 School Supplement), a Tribal College and University Initiative, an Indigenous Behavioral Health Program, and a Leadership Academy for American Indian and Alaska Native behavioral health professionals.

    We provide in-person and virtual trainings, webinars, and technical assistance to behavioral health professionals who work with tribal communities across Turtle Island. Some examples of our work include: Trainings Importance of Spirituality in Substance Abuse Connecting Prevention Specialists to Native Communities Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment From Longhouse to Schoolhouse: AI/AN School Communities Coming Together Curricula "Healing the Returning Warrior" "Honoring Our Relations: Increasing Knowledge of LGTBQ/Two Spirit Wellness" "Spirit of Communication: Motivational Interviewing" Behavioral Health Education Program Technical Assistance Substance Misuse Prevention Suicide Prevention Implementing Culturally-Appropriate Prevention Practice Models Telehealth in Native Communities Webinar Series Behavioral Health Mental Health School Mental Health (K-12) Prevention Tribal Opioid Response
Temryss Lane - Lummi - at Seattle, Nancy

" good for the people, always look forward, and never forget what happened to the people in the past."
- Dr. Duane Mackey

Our mission is to serve as subject-matter experts and key authorities on resources for culturally informed prevention practices, addiction treatment, recovery, and mental health services, supporting behavioral health professionals working with Native communities. We focus on using evidence and experience-based methods, as well as traditional cultural practices, for treatment of those suffering from substance use and other behavioral health disorders. We also provide technical assistance to communities in crisis due to mental health or substance use disorders. We utilize community-based participatory research methods and partnerships with local Native behavioral health workforce members to create culturally informed experiences for providers and clients.




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