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AI/AN National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative

Category II National AI & AN Trauma and Service Adaptation Center (TSA)


Our Center’s goal is to:

Increase national infrastructure and the Native and non-Native workforce capacity to effectively prevent, reduce, and treat trauma and increase wellness and resiliency among AI & AN children, adolescents, and their families. We will prioritize the identification and dissemination of programs and approaches that seize the opportunities presented in early childhood and adolescence as an optimal time for prevention and intervention to mitigate trauma and promote resilience. We will work with partners and subcontractors, and several Native renowned experts to implement a multi-faceted approach to provide education and T/TA, webinars, podcasts, asynchronous training, and microlearning modules, TA listening sessions, peer-to-peer learning communities, storytelling strategies, tele-mental health programs, Workforce Institutes, Youth Leadership Academies, and more.

For more information, please contact:


Teresa Brewington, MBA, M.Ed., Coharie (enrolled) and Lumbee (descendant) 

Co-Director, National Childhood Trauma TSA, Category II 
Program Manager, MHTTC School Mental Health Program

Elizabeth Saathoff, MPH

Program Coordinator, National Childhood Trauma TSA, Category II

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