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Community-Based Change Through Leadership

This year-long program, supported by the National American Indian and Alaska Native Prevention, Mental Health, and Addiction Technology Transfer Centers, offers a unique opportunity for mental health, behavioral health, substance use providers, or helping professionals to explore their unique skills and leadership potential through trainings, an individual project, and mentor support.

Learning in a structured program: 

  • Development of knowledge and expertise in the behavioral health field

  • Interactive learning opportunities and supervision from experienced mentors

  • Networking with other mentors and mentees across the country

  • In-person and virtual training, webinars, and project work

    • Monthly meetings

    • Immersion training

    • Enhancement session

    • Graduation

  • Certificate of Leadership upon completion

The program provides:


Development of knowledge and expertise in the behavioral health field


Interactive seminars, distance learning, webinars, and project work


Learning opportunities through interaction and supervision between mentors and mentees


Supervising community-based participatory initiatives


Networking with other mentors

Questions? Please contact: 

Monica Dreyer Rossi, Cand. Polit.
Research Manager, National American Indian & Alaska Native Leadership Academy

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