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The Native Center for Behavioral Health provides education and training opportunities for individuals and groups involved in providing substance abuse treatment and counseling for American Indian and Alaska Native communities, including health professionals in primary prevention and treatment for substance abuse. We are housed in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, but offer services nationwide for consulting, technical assistance, and continuing education seminars.


Native Center activities and services are focused on strengthening and promoting systematic behavioral health practice improvements for Native and non-Native providers serving Native communities in order to honor and contribute to the holistic health and well-being of tribal and urban Indian communities. We offer training in culturally informed practices so that communities have the resources to care for their people in the most culturally appropriate and knowledge-based way and Native providers can determine how to integrate Western practices into their traditional methods.

Questions? Please contact: 

Anne Helene Skinstad, PsyD, PhD
Director​, Native Center for Behavioral Health

Meg Schneider

Communications Manager


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